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Paperbark Setup

Latest version of Paperbark. If you do not have a licence, installs as an Evaluation.

Installing over prior versions:
In all cases, when asked if previous version should be uninstalled, accept. This will not affect your existing data or settings.
If you installed a trial version of Paperbark prior to version 2.0.0, then uninstall that version ensuring that all files in the Paperbark folder are deleted before installing this one. Otherwise updating your current installation with this setup will not affect existing data.

If you have installed a version prior to and wish to now install multiple copies of Paperbark on one computer, then uninstall that prior version before installing this one. Your data files will not be affected.

Oracle link for MySQL

You need to create an account with Oracle in order to download MySQL. A full download is available, plus a Web Install version.
NOTE: Only required if you need a multi-user installation of Paperbark.

User's Guide Zip file of User's Guide.


Version History

Version - More SMS corrections.
Version - Modified the way SMS messages are sent - some characters not translated correctly.
Version - Updated controls. Appointment view refresh after inactivity when using MySQL database with multiple users - displays additions/modifications by other users.

Version - Many small improvements and options, e.g. Formatted Appointments and default Invoice notes.
Version - Minor improvements to reports. Added option for client contact numbers to appear in appointment description.
Version - Allows multiple installs (using different databases) on one computer. Improved handling of letterhead graphics on invoices, orders etc. Other minor improvements.
Version - Non-critical fixes for some dropdown lists.
Version - Added Recurring Appointments. Now easy to add any number of recurring appointments.
Version - International version - options for ISO/US paper sizes, date formats and more. Fixed bugs in the SQLite database version.
Version - Added single-user SQLite database option - easy setup if multi-user not required. Added option for user-supplied voucher numbers.
Version - Added Client selection for Marketing SMS.
Version - Fixed display of names when either FirstName or LastName was empty. Was displaying nothing.
Version - Added Demo data option. Demo data and live data in separate databases - can switch between them.
Version - Modified Treatment selection behaviour in Appointment Edit when Practitioner is not available for the treatment.
Version - Added Payments Summary to Invoice Report; Fixed small bug when adding Payment Method in Settings.
Version - First Release.

Technical Details

Windows XP and above.
2GB memory + recommended.
Uses MySQL database server (free) for multi-user option,
or SQLite database file for single-user option.

About Us

Watagan Software is situated in Australia, and the Paperbark invoicing default is for Australian tax, i.e. 10% GST. This may be changed to suit other tax requirements.

Please contact us if you have any queries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.